Simplify Your Processes through Automation and Increase Customer Retention Rates

The 21st century customer is nothing like he was in past decades. They are tech-savvy. They want rapid responses. They prefer online solutions and they will not hang on hold waiting to talk to a customer service rep when there is an issue.

Customer loyalty depends on a brand establishing trusting relationships and “stepping up to the plate” to keep that customer happy before, during and after the sale. That is how customers stay and recommend brands to their communities.

All of this means customized CRM software, built specifically for your company with both your team’s and your customer’s needs and wants in mind. When you hire ECOMM Global Technologies, Inc. to build that software for you, you will have a final product that is designed with all of the features you want – not all the fancy features that you don’t need at this point and that just add to your cost.

  • CRM can track customer activity at each end point.
  • CRM tracks customer’s Purchase and Sales habit.
    CRM can generate and record the history of Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, and Invoices.
  • CRM enables Cross selling or Upselling by providing historical data.
  • CRM systematically tracks customer communication, problems, and solutions.
  • CRM helps to generate sales forecasts based on Customer Feedback and Communication.
  • CRM easily identifies the target audience for products, based on their purchase history.
  • CRM helps the organization prevent gaps in customer service due to attrition as your business has historical data of all customers.
  • CRM aids executive leadership in identifying, preventing and effectively addressing recurrent obstacles in business processes allowing for smooth functioning.